Natasha Kovacs and Lindsay Parnell are collaborative, cross-disciplinary, artists that combine their individual interests in dance, sculpture, and performance art.

Natasha Kovacs
By baking bread or felting, I use my body to shape objects out of formless material, and those unique objects then become a sustenance or support for myself and others. Items are brought into being by my choices, movements, and shapes. I focus on the ways that sharing the making process also affects communication, hopefully in ways that enhance the viewer or participant’s skill level or interest in a specific craft and thus gives them a new way to communicate. In longer performances, I explore self suspension by traditional Japanese shibari, rope bondage. Natural rope restricts and lifts my limbs as I choose how to contort myself and float. The eventual exhaustion of repetitive lifting, tying, untying, and stretching is a vulnerable sharing of my body’s limits. Tension is constantly shifting with moments of relaxation and breath, while viewers are able to engage or leave as they choose, seeing the work expand over time.

Lindsay Parnell
Through performance, installation, and sculpture I create visual cycles that investigate the source of movements. Pedestrian movements: those are the ones our body learns first. But how do these movements develop alongside and amongst other bodies? These questions stem from my desires to break down choreography to its deriving gestural movements. In a recent performance, Sourced, I created this cycle using four bodies which were all influencing each other through visual, verbal, and physical cues. Molly physically communicates to me, I verbally tell Constance, and Constance physically tells Priscilla. The autonomy choreographed into each “role” allows the performers to determine how the phrases change or develop throughout the process.